Welcome to My Website !

Dear all,

This website is designed to introduce my activities, including lectures, researches, and publications, and it is dedicated to all of you who need more information about me. As a part of the Faculty, with the vision to be ”world class faculty”, I would like to open my hands for more possibility to collaborate in any level of research and learning process. So, don’t be hesitate to contact me in: ikawati@yahoo.com or ikawati_z@ugm.ac.id

For my dear students,

now is the era of “student-centered learning”, so I would like to encourage you to seek more and more informations to support any subjects of your study. But, I will provide my lecture notes to guide you to “swim in the ocean of science”…. just enjoy it. It is not really complete, however, I hope it can give a bit “light” to walk..  BUT I’M SORRY…… due to the capacity limitation, now I can’t upload more file here.

For my pharmacist colleagues,

In the era of “continuing education for pharmacist”, I hope my information will be also worthy for you. I am not a “real pharmacist”, as I dont practice in any Pharmacy or Hospital. But I still want to do something to support our “dignity” as a pharmacists. Just tell me if I may assist you…..

For other who want to get closer to me…

just visit my wordpress blog : http://zulliesikawati.wordpress.com

You may find a lot of things about me in different point of view… hehe….

Thank you